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Panoramic Photo taken in Poland

Australia takes on the world

With over 25 years in the Entertainment Industry Richy Parkin and Videorogues have what it takes to make your product seen\ globally. Working in the niche market that Australia provides, Richy's experience grew quite quickly, as the industry expanded through the 1990's. Working for Various presentation companies, Richy was able to take the best from each and apply them to his way of working

Moving into the Music industry in the 2000's Richy was quick to learn a lot about, almost all aspects of the Video side of the game.

As a Live Multi Camera Director and Videographer, Richy has built up his reputation for professional and concise visual representation in all markets.

Panasonic 2 ME Vision console

Who we are

When trying to find the right Team for your product, it is sometime difficult to receive the correct representation. With our company we work together with our clients to establish the goals of the product and the best way to visually represent that. Moving forward into the presentation and video production side of the business, we use the latest in Industry leading equipment and personal. As we are a small company we are better able to focus on the desired needs of our clients, without losing the personal experience.


Our Clients

For the Short time Videorogues has been in the Industry, the client list is very impressive. Ranging from live Music events to live Sport Broadcasts and ENG records we have done it all. Among our clients are Iron Maiden, Kanye, 3Mobile, P!nk, Mercedes, Audi, Katy Perry, Soundwaves Festivals, BDO, Il Divo, Lorde, Depeche Mode, Cher, Ariana Grande, Keith Urban and The Tea Party. Please contact for further information.

Video Services

OB Truck and PPU work

Live Multi Camera Shoots

As the Client list describes, Videorogues is a leader in the Live Multi Camera Industry. From Standard 4 camera shoots to Custom Multi Camera Shoots we are able to meet your needs Visually.

Onsite shooting

ENG Record

With the market in ENG cameras changing quite rapidly over the past 10yrs, there are many options now to record your project, ranging from mini cams to full broadcast quality


Aerial Footage

In the recent years Videorogues has taken to the air. Using the latest in Aerial Drones, Videorogues can proved you with professional quality Aerial footage or Aerial Photography for your product or project.


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